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Optimizing Battery Pack Designs: A Guide to C Rating and Sizing

PCB Components and Laminates: Navigating the Cycle of Obsolescence

Standard vs. Custom Battery Packs: Decoding the Power Play - Q&A

Custom Battery Packs: Testing and Quality Assurance Measures

Key Considerations When Specifying a Custom Battery Pack

Best Methods to Maximizing Your Rechargeable Batteries Lifespan

Mastering IP Ratings: Guide to Waterproof and Dustproof Designs

Rechargeable Batteries: Are Different Types Interchangeable?

Lithium Battery Pack Shipping Restrictions: What You Need to Know

PCB Manufacturing: Deep Dive into Specialty Processes and Cost Adders

Flex Circuit Design: A Guide to Electrical and Mechanical Integration

Common Printed Circuit Board Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Exploring the Complexity of Pricing Printed Circuit Boards

RF Printed Circuit Board Design and Issues You Need to Consider

Navigating the Challenges of Custom Cable Assembly Prototyping

Low Layer Count PCBs – Why They Are Not All Created Equal - Q&A

Navigating Fracturing Challenges: Non-Plated Holes in PCB Engineering

The Basics of Printed Circuit Boards: A Comprehensive Guide

Flexible Heaters: Revolutionizing Refrigeration Efficiency

A Comparative Analysis of Rogers and Taconic PCB Laminate Materials

Choosing the Correct Battery Fuel Gauge for Your Project Needs

Special Features in PCB Design: What They Mean for Manufacturing Costs

PCB Wrap Plating: Critical Process In Circuit Board Manufacturing

Flex & Rigid-Flex PCBs: Mastering Controlled Impedance and Signals

Polyimide Flexible Heaters: Durable High-Temperature Performance

IPC 6013 Specification for Flexible PCBs - Things to Know

Top 5 Reasons for Using Stiffeners on Flexible PCBs

Maximum Layers of a Flexible PCB Before it is No Longer Flexible

Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs: Technical Issues In Data Sets - Q&A

Navigating The Chinese New Year In The Manufacturing Industry

Design Principles and Best Practices for Surface Modeling

Adhesives in Flexible Circuit Boards: Types and Their Uses

Multi-layer PCB Manufacturing: Managing Time and Cost

Pros and Cons of Using Flexible PCBs In Your Application

The Role of the Battery Management System

How To Overcome Challenges of a Rigid-Flex PCB Design

Best Software Tools for Making Custom Cable Assembly Drawings

The Influence of Flexible Heaters on the Aerospace Industry

What To Specify in a BOM Needed for Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Tips for Designing Flexible Heaters for Cost-Effective Manufacturing

Design Considerations for Efficient and Precise 3D Printing

Clocking Orientation in Custom Cable Assemblies for High Performance

Designing HDI PCBs: The Requirements, Advantages and Complexities

Adding Keypads and Cables to Your Injection-Molded Enclosure - Q&A

Benefits of Ordering Kitted Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies

Why are Lithium Batteries so Expensive to Manufacture?

Exploring 5 Types of Cable Assemblies You Might Require

How To Avoid Cable Assembly Connector Obsolescence

Tips For Developing Custom Overmolded Cable D-Sub Connectors

Design Guidelines for Injection-Molding Parts

The Future of Wire Harnesses and Cables Assemblies in Medical Devices

PCB Cost Adders When Going from Class II to Class III or Mil-Aero

Custom Battery Pack Designs for Hazardous Environments

Dealing with End-of-Life Components in Legacy Designs

New Trends in Custom Battery Pack Designs

Lithium Battery Packs: Choosing the Protection Board Best for You

Why Flexible Circuit Boards Need Stiffeners

Challenges Designing and Manufacturing Lithium-Ion Battery Packs Q&A

External Battery Storage: The Chemistry and the State of Charge

Battery Charging and Discharging at High and Low Temperatures

How To Maximize Lithium-Ion Battery Life

Etch Compensation: What it Means for Your PCB Data

Overview of Via Holes in Flexible Circuit Board Designs

Pros and Cons of Lithium Prismatic Cells vs Cylindrical Cells

What is UN38.3 Testing and Why is it Necessary?

Plated vs Non-Plated PCB Through Holes in PCB Designs

The Importance of Flexible Heaters in the Medical Industry

Applications That Use High-Frequency Printed Circuit Boards

Options for Sourcing Apple’s Lightning Cable After They Are Gone

PCB Manufacturing Facilities - Certifications and Compliance Q&A

Best PCB Laminate Material To Use For Your Application

Determining Root Cause Analysis for Defective Electronics Projects

Why Tooling Is Important for PCB Manufacturing

Cybersecurity: Our Commitment To Customer Data

PCB Prototyping and Troubleshooting with Your Manufacturer

Guidelines For Designing a Printed Circuit Board

What Type of HMI Is The Best Choice For Your Application

Battery Cell Chemistries and Alternatives Due To Supply Chain Issues

Best Ways to Keep Costs Lower When Developing High-Tech PCB

The Future of Rigid-Flex PCBs in Electronics Manufacturing

Understanding Common Component Designs for Mil-Aero Devices

Flexible Printed Circuit Board Design Guidelines for Dual Access

Silicone Rubber Keypad Color Application Design for Manufacturing

Flexible Circuit Board Designs with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Electrical vs Mechanical Requirements in Flexible PCB Designs - Q&A

2022 Peak Season Shipping: Difficulties and Changing Landscape in 2023

Flexible Heaters: What to Know When Developing Your Design

Differences Between FR4 and Polyimide Materials In Flex Circuits

SolidWorks Configurations for Parts and Assembly Modeling

Why HASL Surface Finish for Flexible Circuit Boards Is Not Recommended

Flexible Circuit Boards with Lap Joints: Design Considerations

How to Make Batteries Charge Faster While Considering Safety

How to Avoid Fracturing Traces in a Flexible PCB Design

Design Options for Low-Cost UL Approved Cable Assemblies - Q&A

COTS Enclosures and Reducing Costs in Custom Box Build Designs

High-Speed PCB Design Considerations for Fabrication

Overmolded Cables Using Pins, Receptacles, and Spring-Loaded Contacts

Why Heat Dissipation is Important in Flexible Circuit Board Design

Medical Device Designs: Components, Elements, and Design Priorities

Choosing The Right PCB Laminate Material For Your Circuit Board

Membrane Switch Circuit Design Best Practices

Fast and Inexpensive Custom USB Cable Assemblies

Flexible Wire Jackets and Overmold Options for Custom Cable Assemblies

How CAD Helps Design Engineers Make Layout Decisions

Low-Cost Automotive Wiring Solutions Using SXL, GXL, and TXL Wire

Battery Storage Tips: Battery Chemistries and the Storage Requirements

SAE J1772: The Standard Connector for EV to Battery Charging Stations

How To Prevent Plating Voids And Solder Voids During PCB Manufacturing

Effective Ways To Reduce Your CNC Machining Costs - Q&A

Custom Cable Assembly Testing: Is Continuity Testing Enough

PTFE vs FR4 PCB Laminate Materials - Cost and Performance Options

Battery Cell Thermal Runaway: What Does it Mean and How to Avoid It

Via-in-Pad Plugging or Plated Process and the Effect on PCB Hole Sizes

Custom Cable Assemblies and the Best Design Considerations

Why High-Tech Multi-Layer PCB Features Add Cost and Process Time - Q&A

Top 7 PCB Data Discrepancies and Issues for DFM and How to Avoid Them

Flex PCB Design Options: PCB Pattern Plating vs. Pad Plating

PCB Breakaway Tabs: Reduce Remnant Materials and Improve Strength

Misinterpreting IPC-6012 Standards for Rigid Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Board Gerber Data and the Importance of Netlists

Dual Sourcing CNC Machining: What’s Needed to Ensure Quickest Delivery

How To Incorporate Magnets into Your Custom Overmolded Cable Design

Scoring Printed Circuit Board: When You Can and Cannot Score a PCB

Custom Battery Packs: Developing and Production Test Fixtures

Polyimide Flex Heaters vs Silicon Rubber Flex Heater Limitations

Common Applications and Benefits for Battery Pack Potting

Flexible Epoxy Strain Reliefs in Rigid-Flex PCB Designs

Lithium Battery Shipping: Requirements to Manage Your Product

Component Shortages That Impact Battery Packs Designs - Q&A

Cable Jackets - Adding Certification Marks and Custom Text

Understanding Voltage Requirements of a Custom Battery Pack

HMI Applications and Salt Fog Testing Requirements

Production Level Battery Testing: What is Included and What to Expect

Differences Between Solid Modeling and Surface Modeling

Identifying and Reducing Custom Battery Pack Development Costs

PCB Manufacturing - Processing Without the Problem of Voids

Lithium-Ion vs Lithium Iron Phosphate: What Markets They Support

Custom Cable Assembly Extrusion 101 - Single to Multi-Conductor Cables

SolidWorks Design: How to Approach Editing Other People’s Work

High-Temperature Adhesives for Military and Aerospace Keypads

PCB Vias: Understanding the Design of Microvias

Gasket Optimizing for Overmolded Custom Cable Assemblies

How to Properly Select LEDs for Your Keypad - Q&A

How Hot Can a Flexible Polyimide Heater Get?

Using a High Flexibility Silicone Wire and PTFE Wire Design

2021 Shipping Challenges During the Peak Season

Flexible Heater Design: Watt Density, Input Power, and Heater Size

User Interface Design with Biocompatible Silicone Elastomer

Flex Circuit Board Design Considerations for Dome Switch Applications

Flexible Heaters: Thickness and Spacing Elements Effect on Performance

Resistive Touchscreens: Low-Cost Solution vs. Capacitive Screen

Battery Chemistry Comparison, Capacity, Efficiency and BMS Requirement

Flexible Heaters: The Pros and Cons of Temperature Sensors

Incorporating PCBs and LEDs into an Outdoor Overmolded Cable Design

Converting a PCB and Wire Harness to Integrated Rigid-Flex PCB Design

Human-Machine Interface Design Options to Meet MIL-STD Requirements

Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs: A Design and Layout Point of View

EMI Shielding Methods for Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB Designs - Q&A

What Does It Mean to Constrain a SolidWorks Sketch?

Flexible Circuit Boards Connector Options, Which One Is Best For You?

PCB Data Sets: What You Need to Know

Supply Chain Challenges on the Electronics and Manufacturing Industry

Rigid-Flex PCB Design Limitations for Laser Drilled Holes and Slots

Guidelines for Designing Low-Cost Multiconductor Cable Assemblies

Designing Flexible Circuits for High-Temperature Applications

Membrane Switch Material for Sterilization and Autoclave Application

How Flexible PCB Material Selection Affects Lead Times

Understanding Battery Power Requirements Before Development Starts

Benefits of Using Air Gap Rigid-Flex PCB Constructions

PCB Mechanical Drilling vs. Laser - Aspect Ratios and Drill Sizing

Prototypes to Production: Can Your Cable Assembly Supplier Keep Pace?

Common PCB Quality Issues and What to Inspect For

Why DOT/UN 38.3 is Required for Lithium Batteries

Circuit Board Material Tolerances that Affect Manufacturing

Best Mechanisms to Control Flexible Heater Temperatures

PCB Design & Layout: Checklist of What You Need Before You Start - Q&A

Understanding How Solder and Coatings Impact PCB Shelf Life

Flexible PCB Line and Space Limitations to Be Aware Of

Circuit Board Solder Mask - What to Use and What Not to Use

Defining a STEP Model and Its Importance

IPC Class III vs. MIL Spec for Printed Circuit Boards

When to Use a Floating Shield on Your Mil-Aero Cable Assembly

Best Practices for Ordering Your High-Tech PCBs Online

What to Expect for Battery Development Timelines

Understanding Revision Control in Product Development

Designing Accurate Fuel Gauges for Custom Battery Packs

Rigid-Flex PCB Stack-ups for Impedance Controlled Designs

Battery Packs for Medical Devices Requirements and Certification - Q&A

Advantages and Disadvantages of Embedded Battery Chargers

Ohm's Law: What It Means for Flexible Heaters and Their Operations

Integrating GPIO Options in Your Custom Battery Pack

High Flexibility Wires for Minimum Bend Radius Requirements

Custom BMS vs. Off-the-Shelf BMS: Features and Limitations

Incorporating Low-Cost NVIS Materials into Your Avionics Bezel

Best Practices When Charging Custom Battery Packs

How to Specify Dielectric Call-outs in Your PCB Design

Common Failures in Lithium Battery Packs

Temperature and Power Limits for Polyimide Flexible Heaters

10993 Biocompatibility for Cable Assemblies

5 Custom Cable Overmold Designs with No Tooling Expense

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