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PCB Design & Layout: Checklist of What You Need Before You Start - Q&A

Epec Engineered Technologies
Written by Epec Engineered Technologies
Posted on May 25, 2021 at 8:49 AM

At the conclusion of our webinar, PCB Design & Layout - Checklist of What You Need Before You Start, we had several questions submitted to our presenter, Angie Brown, PCB Product Manager at Epec. We have compiled these questions into a readable format on our blog.

Q&A From Our Live PCB Webinar

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Question: Can you quote the PCB at the same time as you quote the design?

Answer: The answer to this is yes, however, we will need a few things from you. So, most of the time, we can quote it if we have a one-to-one outline of the PCB, if we know the materials that you're going to require, is it going to be a RoHS finish, or will it just be standard hot air solder level. If we know the thickness as well, we can do pretty much just determine a budgetary price per PCB and, of course, we'll need to know the quantity.

Question: Can you quote ITAR design and manufacture ITAR boards?

Answer: Yes, we can. We can do both. We can quote ITAR designs. However, this will require setting up a ShareFile, which is an FTP safe site for you to upload your files to Epec. We will be able to transfer files back and forth to you safely and securely using our shared file system. Our IT team can set you up with a ShareFile account as well to help you with the interaction between Epec and yourselves safely. We can manufacture flex and rigid-flex and ITAR boards at our NetVia facility near Dallas, Texas.

Question: Can you design flex and rigid-flex?

Answer: Yes, we can design flex and rigid-flex. We have a product manager whose name is Paul Tome for all things flex. And we can also manufacture flex and rigid-flex, both domestically at our NetVia facility in Dallas, Texas, as well as offshore. So, whatever you need, we can fit it.

Question: Can you still perform a free DFM without having a quote done?

Answer: We touched on this briefly in the slides, and yes, free DFM is always available to everybody to use whether you request a quote, or whether you're even a current customer of ours, you're more than welcome to use our free DFM service that is accessible on our website. You will be able to interact directly with one of my engineering staff to tell you exactly what they have found or have not found with your PCB.

Question: Do you run analysis tools on your PCB design such as power analysis or crosstalk?

Answer: We do not have automated software for power analysis or crosstalk of the data specifically. We do run a set of calculations and extensive data review that includes a, or, several designs for manufacturing review(s) to be sure the parts attributed meet the requirement for high-speed, high-powered designs. A final DFM is performed on the data set when it is completed prior to sending the files to you.

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