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Investment in Empowering Employees for Success

Michelle Silva
Written by Michelle Silva
Posted on February 27, 2015 at 2:28 PM

At Epec, our staff members are our most valuable resource and we believe in empowering employees for success. In this company, we celebrate each others success and support each others challenges. We strive to attract, hire, develop and retain passionate, talented, high performing individuals that are driven by our mission which is to provide a cost savings, technical resource and delivery advantage for our customers. We are committed to recruiting the best people that want to share our success, fit in our culture and live by our core values.

Some of the things that have been developing over the last few years to motivate employees include:


Since 2013, there has been an investment in training employees. The focus of our training is advanced efficiency techniques and material flow optimization. This allows us more time to concentrate on marketing strategies to open doors such as new products and services for our customers while simultaneously providing our employees with enhanced and portable skills. It's a win-win for both the company and our employees. By providing training opportunities, our employees become more productive and acquire new skills that affect the bottom line. Employees also have an opportunity to learn new skills, evolve within the company and develop professionally in their positions.

Recently in 2014, we introduced A3 training to our employees to engage in project work within their own areas of responsibility. Our focus in the A3 Process is to communicate problems, diagnose them and focus on solutions by laying out clear plans on how we are going to improve. Employees will be recognized for stepping up and executing great ideas.

Our Core Values

In 2014, there was an introduction to a set of core values. We have been working with employees to not only understand them, but live by them. Our core values are a resource to encourage employees to innovate, execute, and find a better, more efficient way of doing things. This transforms into getting work done right the first time around. Part of our core values includes making a difference, providing a positive experience, and creating bonds with our customers. This goes beyond being friendly; it's listening, being helpful, and showing that we care about the concerns of our customers and going the extra mile.  There are weekly emails consistently to remind our employees of these values and how these values need to filter down to all teams so that their behavior and attitude reflect our values.

Epec Engineered Technologies Core Values

At Epec, our employees worldwide are dedicated to living our core values.

Rewarding Employees

For 2015, we have developed a new Performance Management Process which supports commitment to recruit, develop, and competitively compensate outstanding employees and to better prepare us to meet future. The objective of the performance process is to continue what should be an ongoing communication between employees and their supervisors so there is mutual understanding of responsibilities, expectations, and the details of the employee's work. All while focusing on improvement, accomplishments, and future growth. Employees will be evaluated on more than just their job descriptions. They will be evaluated on how they are helping the organization achieve its goals. Communication and coaching to our employees from management is essential for employees to develop their knowledge and skills. We compliment as well as offer constructive criticism. Some of our goals for 2015 focus on customer service and response time, as well as, on-time delivery.

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